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Tricks to Reducing Electricity in The Home for Every Season

Electricity costs continue rising year by year which directly makes us trying to find ways to reduce it because it has been a primary cost-of-living concern for Australians. Well, we are modern people where everything needs electricity to run. For example: refrigerator; we need it to keep our food and drink fresh all day. How it can keep our food and drink fresh if there is no electricity?

Not only refrigerator, but we also have other electronic tools in our home such as television, air conditioner, lamps, water heater, etc.  Can you imagine how much money needs we spent on these electronic tools every month? It is a lot. With other cost-of-living are also increasing, we must know tricks to reduce electricity especially for us that live in a country of 4 seasons. So what are the tricks?

Spring and Summer

The tricks to reduce electricity cost for hot weather are:

  • Using ceiling fans rather than an air conditioner. Most of the ceiling fans can be used in hot or cold weather. It can help to remove heat and give you the wind. Besides, ceiling fans also consume electricity lower that air conditioner. Don’t have the time to find ceiling fans? Try ceiling fans Australia online shop like Cetnaj
  • At night, the temperature usually lower than in the afternoon so we can save energy by opening the window. Opening the windows can help us gain cooler wind and drive away heat without using many electronic tools.
  • We also need to install window covering so it can prevent heat come into our windows. Remember to not cover the entire window because we still need natural light, so we don’t turn on the lamp too much.
  • Use lamps and other electronics that produce heat sufficiently. Why? The reason is simple; they can increase the temperature in the house which will make you want to turn on ceiling fans or air conditioners. The more you use, the more temperature and electricity cost will increase.

Fall and Winter

We know that average daily temperature for the fall season in Australia is from 10 ºC – 25 ºC; and for winter is from 6 ºC – 18 ºC. The cold weather will not limit us to cut electricity cost and here are the tricks:

  • Switch curtain with the thicker curtain. This could help your house warmer than usual by keeping the heat inside. If you don’t have a thicker curtain, you can use the blanket, bubble wrap, or tin foil. But don’t forget to make sure the window can be open in the morning so sunlight can come in if one of you decided to use bubble wrap and tin foil.
  • Open curtain when there is sun outside. Sunlight can warm your home. It is a free heater, so we must use it wisely.
  • Some water heater has been set within a range of 54.4 ºC to 60 ºC. We can just adjust the temperature to 48,8 ºC like Energy Save information from Government. It can help cut some cost.
  • Don’t forget to switch ceiling fan into winter mode. The ceiling fan should turn clockwise so it can help to pull the cold air upward. It can save 10% on heating cost.

Here another tip which can be used for every season: Turn off all your electronic tools except refrigerator when you are away. Remember, those electronic tools are created for humans. If there is no human, why do they need to turn on, right? …